Monday, 8 January 2007

Poisonous choices

Sometimes, I just feel like I've made some terrible choices in regards to many aspects and things in my life. From buying those pair of shoes that i now think are too hideous to wear, to relationships. I've always known myself to be stubborn and head-strong, which has often landed me into alot of trouble.

I have this propensity of digesting things that are usually poisonous for me and then it's too late. Everytime I make a choice, I feel the need to give it a chance and believe in it. But I hate that I am wrong. Part of me wants to believe in it but sometimes, you just can't change some things no matter how much you want or wish for.

I know I don't deserve it and I know I should have better. Maybe moving away will be good for me. So that I may open my eyes and see my worth, that I'm better than what I think of myself, or what everyone else thinks for the matter.

Life goes on......

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