Friday, 12 January 2007

Let's talk about dresses!

I guess I should have explained in the begining why I've titled this blog in such a manner. To be honest, I had initiated this blog on a whim, without so much of a thought.

I couldn't think of anything witty or smart to say. And I most certainly didn't want to appear pretentiously smart or maybe even alarming stupid with some fancy thesaurus conjured up name that seems to manifest characteristics of your average emo angst blogger.

So why this title you ask? I am without a doubt a self-confessed moderate (yes, moderate. I've seen worse) shoppaholic, which basically kind of explains the bit about dresses.

I love dresses the way your average Brit loves his pint of lager! I come home with the perfect dress everytime, try it on with matching shoes and accessories and then find that there is no where remote I could wear it too. Hint hint to the boyfriend who hardly takes me out anywhere...hehe! Hence...*DRUM ROLLS* the said title!!!!!

But I shall also explain the deeper meaning of it, if you can bear with me. In life, we are always waiting for things to happen. Waiting for miracles, the perfect job, the right woman or man, well, you get the gist. But instead of waiting, you should really be taking the initiative to claim what you want and wish for. No point sitting around pretty hoping for magic to happen. One of my favourite quotes.... CARPE DIEM! to seize the day.

So, I hope this blog will serve as a reminder of this in any undertaking that I may pursue. Don't get me wrong, this will also be a platform for me to rant, bitch, moan or even swoon like any other ordinary female. But shall endeavour to keep estrogen levels to a minimal!

Off to watch more movies in a half blind state. (refer to previous entry). Toodle oo!

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