Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A new year, a new blog

You know the feeling of blissfully going through life and then you wake up one day and find out that this seemingly wonderous life is going to end and you're about to be thrown into the deep end of the ocean? I do.

The new year has brought and will bring along many new changes to my life. At the moment, what I truly feel is gut wrenching fear (literally) which has brought about bouts of insomnia, emo-ness, and a really bad stomach! It all happened on the first day of 2007 when I woke up sweating and panicking, feeling scared and very much alone. I hate not knowing whats going to happen. I hate not knowing what I'm gonna have for dinner later at night. Yes, I'm naturally this paranoid. What a start to the new year.

So what better way then to put them all down in words so that someday I can look back and laugh and cry at them? no, not at but with them.

I just want to find peace and strength, bring all the pieces together and remember that girl that I had wanted to be. That my friends is my pursuit of happyness!

What do people say in their first few post anyway apart from ramble on about randomness? I've got all these ideas and things I'd like to say, but it seems a little premature to do it all just about now. Like the title says, all dressed up and no where to go. This almost seems to be the story of my life! Maybe once I've warmed up to this blog, will I reveal more.

So far, so good.

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